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Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Bed Bug Infestations

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Bed Bugs a growing problem in London
Bed bug infestations in London have increased by as much as 1,500 per cent in some areas, council figures have shown.

Information collected from 22 London councils, have shown that the capital could be returning to 1930s conditions if the bugs continued to spread at the current rate.

In the 1930s one in three homes suffered from a bed bug infestation.

Bed bug infestations are growing in the London area, where they have risen from less than 1,000 reported cases in 2003 to more than 3,000 cases in 2007. There is a growth of between 300 per cent and 1,500 per cent in some parts of London.

The worst affected post code areas are W5 (Ealing), W11 (Notting Hill), SW5 (Earl's Court), E6 (Newham), E7 (Forest Gate) and E12 (Wanstead), followed by - among others - TW9 (Kew), CR0 (Croydon) and SE5 (Streatham).

Bed bugs feed on human blood, usually just before dawn. Contrary to popular belief, the occurrence of bed bugs does not mean a home is dirty – they are attracted by body heat, not filth.

London is quickly becoming a known 'international hub for bed bugs'. Possibly linked to the unchecked immigration rates into the city during the 1990's.

Economic Value

A 32-year-old mum of five was told to throw out all her new furniture, children's clothes and toys after an army of the critters invaded her house last February.

She and her daughters, the youngest of whom was only three months old, were forced to sleep on the floor in their front room after an exterminator failed to get rid of them despite being called out four times.

She moved out of her home six months later.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, the problem is fairly easy to treat but needs to be done thoroughly. A lot of pest exterminators do not know how to do it properly, throwing chemicals and aerosols into the room, even 'flea bombs', which do not kill the bed bugs hiding in nooks and crannies in the bed frames.

Throwing out clothes and furniture was not necessary as it is possible to decontaminate these.

Source: London, Croydon Guardian Newspaper : 2nd March 2009.

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